Patient Story: A Holistic Health Journey

Cindy Reuter
Cindy Reuter, ND, MSOM, LAc, MPH

While coping with a family member’s health issue, Clara McNamara, a longtime APD patient, became concerned about her health.

“Even with all of my preventative care, my body was just not feeling up to standard. I needed to get the root cause of why I was not feeling my best,” the Meriden, New Hampshire, resident said. “When I saw an ad on social media about APD’s Integrative Medicine services, I knew that was my next step in my healthcare journey at APD.”

The first step was to sit down with Cindy Reuter, ND, MSOM, LAc, MPH, Medical Director of Integrative Medicine, for a naturopathic consultation.

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“Dr. Reuter analyzed and patiently reviewed my bloodwork panel with me, and recommended some supplements,” McNamara said. “I could not believe how quickly my body began to feel more normalized and centered.”

McNamara is also continuing her holistic health journey with massage, acupuncture, cupping therapy, and nutrition counseling.

How is Integrative Medicine helping? “Beyond measure!” McNamara said. “I would advise anyone seeking an inclusive conversation surrounded by a holistic bodily approach to set up a consultation with Dr. Reuter so they, too, can be on their way toward better health and well-being.”

McNamara appreciates that the Integrative Medicine approach is inclusive of her full experience of care at APD. “As a long-term patient of APD, the trust and dedication I have with any of my care team members is remarkable and so sincerely appreciated,” she said. “I particularly enjoy the smaller community practice and 1:1 care I receive each time I visit APD. I am welcomed with valued hearts and listening ears.”