Patient Story: End-of-life Care at APD

Holding patients hand
Moriah Wojciechowski, LNA

Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness mean the most. At Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, this kindness could be a friendly hello to a visitor, remembering a patient preference, or providing a steady support during a difficult time.

Gwen Spaulding describes how Moriah Wojciechowski, LNA, was particularly kind during her mother’s last days. “My mother was admitted in late September for end-of-life care. She was there for comfort measures only,” the Lebanon, New Hampshire, resident said. “Moriah went above and beyond normal expectations of care. Moriah knew my mother was uncomfortable with loud noises and voices, and spoke softly and kindly to her.”

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Gwen was sick with the flu and was initially unable to visit her mother in the Medical Surgical Unit at APD.

“When I was better I was able to see my mother somewhat still lucid. The next night I went to visit and she was unresponsive. I was distraught,” Gwen said. “Moriah came in and greeted me and my two best friends with love and kindness. Moriah leaned down and whispered to my mom. My mom opened her eyes and gave Moriah a big smile.”

“Moriah stayed with us. I felt like my mother was in pain and she got an RN right in to give her meds. Before I left, my mother mouthed she loved me twice.”

Gwen’s mother passed peacefully the next evening. “My mother was at APD for a little over a month,” Gwen said. “The supporting staff know the most about the long-term patients, and Moriah provided outstanding care to my mother. APD has a kind, attentive, and loving team.”