Employee Resource Navigator

Meet Faye, APD’s Employee Resource Navigator

“Life can feel like you are swimming upstream,” says Faye Grearson, APD’s Employee Resource Navigator. “There’s a feeling lately of unending stuff. The issues that I hear about the most from people are finances, family, or work stress, and the cost of housing — for renters and owners. But I also talk with people who come in wondering, ‘What do I want to do with my life?’ It can be anything.”

Faye Grearson
Faye Grearson, APD’s Employee Resource Navigator

Grearson says just having the chance to say it out loud can help people experiencing challenges. “We get isolated. It helps to know you aren’t the only one, and you aren’t alone. There are other people facing the same challenges. And there are resources to help you.”

Her office in the Medical Office Building (MOB) provides a private entrance and a comfortable, homey place to sit and talk. She also reaches out to employees when referred by managers.

At new employee orientation, she connects with staff as soon as they arrive on campus, and checks in with many employees every few weeks when she walks around with her red cart offering snacks and info on current topics, including college discounts and APD and community events.

“But anyone working at APD or APD Lifecare can have this level of support at any time,” she says.

To date, more than 150 people who work on the APD campus have accessed the program, which focuses on the biggest issues facing employees: financial concerns, burnout, and stress. Grearson grew up in the Upper Valley and knows how to access local resources. She has shared information on energy assistance programs, local food pantries, student loan forgiveness applications, and legal resources, to name a few.

What drew her to APD?

“The culture of caring! Everyone I talked to mentioned the caring community,” she says. “Creating the position of Employee Resource Navigator is a part of that — the idea that we all take good care of each other. I know many managers are already providing a lot of support. I can take on some of this work, as desired, or support managers and provide them with ideas. Whatever the challenges employees are facing, I’m here to help."

Contact Grearson at navigator@apdmh.org or (603) 308-0093 with questions or to schedule a time to meet.