Beth Wood's daughter

Patient Story: Bringing a Child to the ED

Mother and daughter receive compassionate care at APD’s Emergency Department.

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Christine Bickford

Patient Story: Going the Extra Mile in the ED

When a pediatric patient needed clean clothes, APD’s ED tech went home to gift some like-new PJs and well-needed comfort.

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ED COMET Training

APD’s Emergency Department Completes Second Pediatric Training

The APD ED team learns from real-time scenarios based on common pediatric emergencies.

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Bun at ED

Bun and the Big Ouch

Bun and family live in the Upper Valley and are patients at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital.

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Upper Valley Music School

Make Music with the Upper Valley Music Center

Music benefits our health, which is why APD proudly supports the Upper Valley’s only community music school.

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APD food bags

Meeting Patient Needs outside the Doctor’s Office

APD patients with food insecurity are offered food bags, a hot meal at Alice’s Café, Listen vouchers for clothing, and more.

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Sam Ogden, MD

The Befriending Benefit

Connectedness (the awareness that people care about them, their well-being, and success) has long-lasting benefits for kids of all ages.

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Dental Hygienist

10 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Asha Clark, dental hygienist with Alice Peck Day’s Upper Valley Smiles program, shares 10 ideas to keep teeth healthy.

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Bun at APD

Bun and family live in the Upper Valley and are patients at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital. But Bun’s just a young rabbit who isn’t quite sure what healthcare is all about.

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Woman reading a book to a little girl

APD becomes Reach Out and Read Site

Pediatric providers at our Multi-Specialty Clinic have gone through the necessary training to become a Reach Out and Read site.

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