LPN Residency Program


If you’re interested in the medical/surgical environment, the Medical/Surgical team developed a year-long Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) residency program.

“During the program, LPNs build the skills and knowledge specific to Med-Surg,” said Amanda Fay, RN, clinicial educator in Medical-Surgical at Alice Peck Day. “Students enjoy dedicated time with a preceptor, participate in an IV Therapy program, and learn about pathophysiology, chronic disease, surgical pathways, and pharmacology.”

In fact, the program, sponsored by APD, is designed to help LPNs function at the highest scope of their practice. “APD LPNs are not just dispensing medications or transporting patients. They are managing a plan of care,” Fay said. “You learn how to think critically, manage a patient load, and help patients meet goals for discharge.”

The LPN Residency Program is the first nurse residency in the state of New Hampshire. New London Hospital has adopted Alice Peck Day’s program structure.

“This residency is unique and focuses on safe, supportive, kind, and transformative onboarding,” Fay said.